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Facilitator training

Our comprehensive training is designed for individuals who are passionate about guiding others through transformative psilocybin experiences. Here, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework needed to become a trusted and effective psilocybin facilitator.

Become a psilocybin facilitator

We provide comprehensive training to cultivate skilled, empathetic, and ethically-minded facilitators. Our aim is to foster the responsible and heart-centered application of psilocybin for therapeutic purposes, promoting healing, personal growth, and self-discovery. We deeply respect the cultural legacy and sacred wisdom surrounding indigenous plant traditions. Through our program, we contribute to global healing and enlightenment, advocating for unwavering respect for human dignity, equality, and diversity.

“Love is the most transformative medicine For Love slowly transforms you Into what psychedelics only get you to glimpse.”
- Ram Dass
woman on a psilocybin facilitator training


psilocybin masterclass

Psilocybin Masterclass

Becoming an adept psilocybin facilitator demands commitment, beginning with a comprehensive understanding of the nuances surrounding magic mushrooms

Trauma Informed Entheogenic Guide Course

Advancing as a facilitator requires more than proficiency in psilocybin; a well-rounded comprehension of other plant medicines is key to your progress.