Church of the sacred plants

Join us in our safe and nurturing environment, and discover the power of  Assisted Psilocybin Therapies!

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What Sets Our Practitioners Apart

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Expertise and Training

Our facilitators undergo rigorous training in psychedelic therapy.

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Compassion and Empathy

Our facilitators approach each individual with compassion and without judgment.

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Personalized Guidance

Our facilitators tailor their approach to each individual's unique journey.


Commitment to Ethical Practices

Our facilitators strictly adhere to ethical guidelines and legal regulations.


Safety and Well-being

Our facilitators will handle any unexpected challenges that may arise during a session.


Continued Growth and Learning

Our facilitators are committed to ongoing education and professional development.

a bit more about our psilocybin facilitators

a bit more about our psilocybin facilitators

In the vast realm of facilitation, amidst the myriad claiming expertise, the Church of the Sacred Plants emerges as a sanctuary of love, trust, and authenticity. Our commitment is profound — it’s not merely about curating facilitators, but about upholding the sanctity, love, and integrity inherent in the sacred medicines they channel.

In a landscape where discerning genuine love and trustworthiness can be elusive, we stand as your unwavering beacon. For we are not just facilitators; we are guardians of an ancient craft, ensuring that every guide within our fold exudes the love, reverence, and respect that these sacred plants deserve. With us, you’re not merely finding a guide; you’re immersing in a communion where love and trust are the very foundation.

Simply put, we choose facilitators who we believe are doing things the right way. We hand select facilitators who represent their clients as well as these sacred medicines with integrity.

In a time where anyone can claim to be a “facilitator” due to a lack of regulation – how do you know who you can trust? This situation creates an imbalance of power that puts you at risk if you don’t know how to properly qualify a potential guide.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to curate this network of pre-vetted facilitators–so you no longer have to guess who’s legitimate. Because we’re facilitators ourselves, we know what makes a qualified guide.

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Embracing the wisdom of magic mushrooms, the Church of the Sacred Plants is dedicated to the spiritual exploration and personal growth facilitated by our mushroom sacrament. Protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, our community fosters a space for profound connection with the Sacred.


State licensure does not make someone inherently qualified. Take a look at what makes our facilitators different.


Every individual has been meticulously selected, ensuring you access to facilitators who don’t just know their craft, but excel at it. When you tap into our network, you’re not just finding a guide; you’re discovering a gold standard in facilitation. Engage with confidence, knowing you’re supported by the very best.

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Interested In Becoming a Psilocybin Facilitator?

If you’re passionate about guiding others through transformative experiences with psilocybin therapy, we welcome you to explore the path of becoming a facilitator at the Church of the Sacred Plants. Our comprehensive training program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework needed to facilitate healing journeys. Join us in fostering a culture of compassion, growth, and spiritual connection.